Frequently Asked Questions

I all ready have a site, how can you help me?

If you all ready have a site, we can make small revisions or do a complete new design. No job is too small or too big. We can also maintain your site on a monthly basis if you so desire.

My site is all ready hosted somewhere else, do I have to transfer it over to you?

No. We can work on any site. All we would need is access to the site, either through FTP or an administrative account of your CMS system.

I all ready have a domain name. How do I change the hosting over to you?

Most registrars have a log in system for their domains. All you have to do is log in to your account and switch the Name Servers to the information we provide. If you're not sure how this is done, we can log in for you and take care of it.

What is your pricing?

Our pricing varies for each project. A new six page web site begins at $265. Depending on what you want on your site, the price may be higher. We will give you a full quote on the final price before we begin.

A hosting account begins at $210 a year or $110 for six months. If you're site demands it, we have more robust plans.

Our standard SEO option starts at $140 for a year.

All other work will be based on an upfront quote based on $30/hour.



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